PEMCO NAVAL ENGINEERING WORKS, INC. strives to provide all customers with products that meet their needs and exceeds expectation. Our being the “actual manufacturer” means you get the advantages of buying direct from the source which includes the most knowledgeable assistance, quickest service, and the best prices.

Looking for underway replenishment products? Look no further! PEMCO NAVAL ENGINEERING WORKS, INC. maintains an organized and plentiful stock of underway replenishment products. Please see the items & list below for additional parts and pieces.

Accommodation Ladders
Afff Tanks
Air Receiver & Relay Tanks
Back Flow Preventors
Ball Valves
Bearing Spacers
Bitts Mooring
Boat Storage Hardware
Bolster Bitts
Boss Vent & Drain Bushings
Brows & Gangways
Cascade Orifice Restrictive Device (Cords)
Cbr Filter Change-out Tool Kits
Chain Hoists
Chair – Transfer At Sea
Chair Tie Downs
Cleats & Cleathorns
Conveyors & Stands
Couping, Ras/fas
Coupling, Scalefree
Coupling, Flexrope
Cylinders, Hydraulic Repair
Dampters Toxic Gas
Davits, Socket
Deck Plates & Sockets
Dolly, Battery
Doors, Ballistic
Doors, Cargo
Doors, Shipboard
Doors, Showers
Flowmeters, Air & Gas

Funnels (Copper, Stainless, Galv.)
Furniture, Shipboard
Gangways & Brows
Gaskets, Custom Cut
Glass, Custom Cut
Grp Ladders, Brows, Etc.
Grp Doors
Handtrucks, Nitrogen Service
Hasp – High Security
Hatch, Manhole
Hatches, Shipboard
Hawser Reels
Hinge Assemblies
Hooks, Pelican
Hose Assemblies & Fittings
In-flight Refueling Hoses
Ladder Chutes
Ladder Treads
Ladders, Jacobs & Pilot
Ladders, Shipboard
Links, Welded
Litter Frames & Flotation Gear
Lizzard & Toggles
Lockers – Various Types
Manholes & Manhole Covers
Messenger Lines
Monorail Systems
Nipples – Quick Disconnect
Nuts, Gas & Hepa
Ovrrhaul/repair Misc Machinery
Packing Glands, Rings & Caps
Pads, Tapped
Painter Stages
Perforated Plate & Platforms
Pins – Toggle, Straight, Taper

Pipe Caps
Ratchet Assy Takeup – Lifeboat
Racks – Portable, Cable, Storage
Ras/fas Hardware & Equipment
Recovery Pole Hook
Rigging Poles
Sampler Thief
Ships Name Board
Shore Measuring Battens
Signal Halyards & Parts
Snubbers Auxiliary
Sounding Tapes
Spindle Assy
Stanchions, Handrail
Stanchions, Missile
Strainer Baskets
Tailpieces & Adapters
Telescopic Shoring Battens
Tie-downs, Chair & Laundry Basket
Torpedo Clamps
Towing Howsers, Spools & Bridles
Valves, 3-way Monel Ball Type
Valves, Anti-blast
Vent & Drain Fittings
Venturi Meters & Dpu Gage Assy
Wrenches, Spanner
Wrenches, Various